Become our partners
and take advantage of it

You can benefit by helping us expand our clientele

Try Hotel Cloud Manager so you can recommend it to your partners.
We are rapidly expanding with the help of our associates and we all benefit our customers first from this action.

What are the benefits as a partner?

Earned significant commission on all sales! Give value to your associates. Participation is FREE!

What should I do as a partner?

Meet the application to your customers and partners after using it yourself and make sure it's right for them.

How can I become a partner?

Contact us for all additional details. we will be glad to meet you and to welcome you.


Benefits of the Hotel Cloud Manager

  • This is an on-line hotel management system, which is installed on our servers.
  • You can access it with any web browser.
  • You use it from anywhere.
  • It works in any operating system.
  • No servers or additional hardware needed
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